EU QPPV Provision

An EU Qualified Person is currently required by legislation. All MAH’s are required to appoint an EU Qualified Person who will oversee the company’s pharmacovigilance system.

Here at PDS we can provide a safe haven for your safety data, our in house QPPVs and their teams will build services to meet your requirements:-

• EU QPPV for Pharmacovigilance
• Deputy QPPV for Pharmacovigilance
• Responsible Person for Eudravigilance in clinical trials

Currently these roles are carried out by our Team here in the UK. However, post Brexit, should there be a ‘No Deal’ then the role of EU QPPV etc. will be carried out by our Team in Europe.

Our highly trained and reliable team are committed to ensuring that this critical service meets the compliance needs for all your products across their product lifecycle. We also provide local assistance in all EU countries that require a local QPPV through our well established affiliates.

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Your partner for EU QPPV Provision.

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