Yellow Card Scheme decrease in reports

Yellow Card Scheme decrease in reports

The MHRA reports the first drop in Yellow Cards since 2010


Healthcare professional group Decrease in number of reports Decrease in 2018 compared with 2017
Hospital pharmacists (380) (11%)
General practitioners (GPs) (2801) (4%)
Community pharmacists (226) (14%)
Hospital Doctors (161) (7%)
Physicians (142) (46%)
Nurses (122) (5%)
Healthcare professionals in hospitals (53) (7%)

Source: MHRA Newsletter Volume 12 Issue 10 May 2019                                      Crown Copyright 2019

The Yellow Card Scheme is the process by which patients (and healthcare professionals) can report side effects or problems that may occur when taking medicines or using medical devices. It is a vital tool in helping the MHRA to monitor the safety of healthcare products.

The largest fall is from General Practitioners, but there are falls across all healthcare professionals. To attempt to raise the profile of this problem, the MHRA has released two short videos on their Youtube channel:

How to report a side effect from a medicine and How to report a problem with a medical device.