Safety Reporting – the role of the QPPV – why we do what we do

Safety Reporting – the role of the QPPV – why we do what we do

Drug safety reporting is a dynamic process that includes managing and observing the risk profile of the product over the lifetime of the medicine. Our QPPVs talk passionately, and with pride, about their part in the safety assessment process for our clients products. It is after all, a vital part of drug development.

The information gained from pharmacovigilance activities is used to change clinical practice to benefit the patient. Whilst our work is very client driven, QPPVs are also patient champions and have a huge responsibility to current and future users of the medicinal products on the market.

PDS has worked alongside national and international Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies for many years. Our highly experienced and dedicated TEAM can help you across all phases of drug development from Phase I through to Phase IV for innovative drugs, to generics, as well as medical devices, herbal products or cosmeceuticals.

Call on us to help with the key areas where you most need support.   Our dynamic pharmacovigilance services allow you choose the support you need, exactly when you need it. We will always endeavour to bring solutions to the table in a timely manner, rather than simply sit back and try to fix problems when they occur. PDS’s clients benefit from our forward thinking, proactive and collaborative way of working across all aspects of pre and post-marketing surveillance.

We absolutely love our job. We undertake our pharmacovigilance work, not because the law or our client contract demands it, but because we are healthcare professionals whose duty will always be to protect the patient.

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